Competence, flexibility and trust drive Eka Engineering’s operations

Eka Engineering specializes in the design and supply of chlorine dioxide plants and equipment to the pulp and chemical industries. The global team is recognized for its high competence and flexible mindset and considered a trusted long term partner.


The team behind the scenes

Trust is at the core when customers contact Eka Engineering, whether urgent or routine. Trust comes from competencies and a depth of experience in bleaching pulp, paper, and board making. That is how Helena Falgén, Senior Bleaching Expert, sees Eka Engineering’s delivery of bleaching optimization solutions. Helena has a history of 35 years within Nouryon and the past ten years with Eka Engineering. She is approaching retirement and will hand the torch to Mikael Persson, who represents the new generation of Service Sales. “Eka Engineering is flexible. We always follow customers' needs,” comments Helena. “Our long history of success proves this business approach's wisdom,” adds Mikael. Helena suggests safe choices for running bleach plants mean far more than safety, “Everyone performs at the highest level when confident about safety. The more info you have, the more secure you feel. You can perform at your peak if the picture is clear.”

Ongoing support

In addition to retrofits or engineering, building, and maintaining equipment, Eka Engineering offers service packages built around ongoing high performance. Typically, this includes process follow-up with extensive measuring, resulting in a ” fingerprint” of the production's performance. During annual maintenance stoppage, an inspection of the chlorine dioxide plant assures customers that any process equipment issues are identified and addressed. Ongoing training sessions are highly valued for operators, laboratory, and maintenance personnel with a focus on safety.

"Our long partnerships are built on trust, earned from know-how and responsiveness to our customers’ needs." Says Helena Falgén, Senior Bleaching Expert.

A customer weighs in

Hans Nilsson, head of Holmen Iggesund’s pulp mill operations, points out that the Eka Engineering team is the partner on call for retrofits and service of Iggesund’s bleaching equipment, having steadily supported increases in the efficiency of chlorine dioxide production. According to Hans, “With Eka Engineering’s support, we have steadily increased efficiency, now at 96%. With our joint efforts, we aim to optimize even more.”

The process specialists from the Eka Engineering team are well-known and trusted by Iggesund operators and engineers at the Iggesund pulp mill. Adds Hans, “We have solved many process problems together as a team. The guys from Eka Engineering are thought of as a part of us. Whenever we have a problem, we can’t solve it ourselves. They are there for us. Eka Engineering is a reliable partner when the going gets tough.” Eka Engineering’s know-how is fundamental to training the Iggesund team. Safe, intelligent practices always produce the highest level of efficiency. Mikael suggests that continuing improvements and smooth operations are built on trust earned daily, mainly when a potential safety concern occurs and requires immediate attention.

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According to Hans Nilsson, Eka Engineering is the partner on call for retrofits and service of bleaching equipment. (image courtesy of Holmen Iggesund)

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