Edinburgh, UK

Peroxide cure systems for Si-rubber


Nouryon’s expert Leo Nijhof will be presenting crosslinking peroxides for silicone rubbers. 

Particularly, peroxide crosslinking of high temperature vulcanization (HTV) silicone rubber compounds can be produced by making use of a variety of organic peroxides. As the product range of organic peroxides and silicone rubbers is wide, it does lead to a multitude of possibilities.

In addition, characteristics of the most important organic peroxides applied to produce silicone rubber articles, either by extrusion or molding, will be highlighted, with a special attention given to vinyl and non-vinyl specific peroxides.

Last but not least, the chemistry behind the cure process will be explained in details, as well as the importance of vinyl-units in the silicone rubber will be shown and commented upon.

    • John McIntyre Conference Centre
    • University of Edinburgh
    • Edinburgh
    • UK

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