Innovative chemistry and technologies addressing harmful atmospheric pollution.

A global challenge

Chlorine dioxide(ClO2), produced from sodium chlorate, is a powerful solution that can be used in De-NOx technologies abating NOx and SOx emissions in the pulp and paper industry.

Combustion of fuels creates emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur dioxides (SOx) which are associated with adverse effects on human health and causing environmental problems. These harmful emissions are considered a global concern worldwide and stricter legislation and regulations are continually being implemented. 

We offer the next generation’s ClO2 based De-NOx technology for improved emission control systems for all industries, including the pulp and paper industry.

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The next generation’s ClO2 based De-NOx technology

As a world leading supplier of chemicals to the pulp and paper industry Nouryon has a long history of research and development focused on new sustainable technologies that support our customers to streamline production and cut costs. Finding effective solutions for our customers that abate pollution is one of our many core focus areas.

The ClO2 based De-NOx technology has a major advantage for pulp and paper production sites as they already have the chemical available and using it in the bleaching process. ClO2 turns into chlorides during the oxidation process, which has no effect on the environment which of course is another key benefit.

De-NOx scrubbers for recovery boilers employing ClO2 have proven success in achieving a significant reduction in NOx and SOx, cutting up to and above 90% of emissions.

How it works

ClO2-based NOx abatement technology is an efficient and flexible end-pipe system which oxidizes NO to NO2 and/or nitric acid (HNO3) which are both easily absorbed in subsequent wet scrubber. ​

  • ClO2 has a unique ability to oxidize NO at low temperatures, from 20°C to 200°C ​
  • ClO2 gaseous and aqueous are both possible
  • NOx captured in the scrubber can be sent for wastewater treatment
  • SOx captured in the scrubber result in a waste stream containing SO4+2 can be sent to wastewater treatment

Nouryon and Valmet offering De-NOx technology

Nouryon, a global specialty chemicals leader, and Valmet, a leading global technology provider, have a unified approach to offer De-NOx scrubbers for recovery boilers and lime kilns employing ClO2. The De-NOx scrubbers have proven significant reduction in NOx and SOx emissions, on average both are cut by at least 90% compared with current global practices at pulp and paper mills.

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Nouryon ClO2 engineering experts can support in expanding plant capacity by debottlenecking existing processes if ClO2 capacity is limited. The application of both gaseous and aqueous ClO2 is possible and a De-NOx pilot plant is available for a pulp mill who want to try this technology.




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