We made significant sustainability progress in 2023, with nine locations we operate in Brazil now powered entirely by electricity from renewable energy sources. 

May 2024

They include: Eunapolis-Bahia, Imperatriz, Itupeva, Jacareí, Jundiaí, Jupiá, Paulinia, Rio de Janeiro, and Três Lagoas. These locations represent 27% of our total global electricity usage, marking a crucial step in reducing GHG as emissions and transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

Our sustainability commitment and effort to reduce our carbon footprint extends to our entire manufacturing network. We continue to explore opportunities to transition other global sites to electricity from renewable energy sources as part of our long-term Carbon Business Strategy.

In 2021, we achieved carbon neutrality from operations at five locations we operate in Brazil (Imperatriz, Eunápolis, Três Lagoas, Jupiá, and Jacareí). These locations are part of Nouryon's Integrated Manufacturing Model, which offers on-location sodium chlorate and/or chlorine dioxide production to our customers. In 2023, we also achieved carbon neutrality from operations in our Jundiai site in Brazil.

About our Integrated Manufacturing Model (IMM)

Cases - Improving safety and environment

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