Our Chattanooga, TN, US, site celebrated a milestone of 29 years without a lost-time injury in 2023. This is a significant milestone in our Company’s global journey toward zero work-related injuries and illnesses.

Dec 2023

A strong safety culture

Over the decades, the following key programs have laid the foundation for a strong safety culture:

  • RC14001
  • Life-Saving Rules (LSR)
  • Exposure Reduction Initiative
  • Chemical of the Month Reviews
  • Hazard/Near Miss Reporting
  • Behavior-based Safety
  • Face-to-face Training
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Alert Sharing

The successful implementation of corporate safety initiatives focusing on specific safety aspects and considerations has played a pivotal role in enhancing these foundational programs. By continually refining and improving safety strategies, the Chattanooga site has created an environment where safety is the top priority, resulting in the remarkable milestone of 29 injury-free years.

Cases - Improving safety and environment

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