Innovative sustainable solutions for the cleaning market

We have long been an industry leader in sustainability and our commitment to maximizing our positive societal impact remains unchanged. Going forward, we will continue to expand our portfolio of more sustainable products, which have a significant sustainability benefit over common alternatives.

Our portfolio of more sustainable ingredients includes:

  • Surfactant hydrophobes produced from sustainably-grown, natural vegetable sources. 
  • Products that provide the functionalities needed to build performance cleaning formulations for a variety of end uses.
  • All of products are EU Ecolabel compliant, and many are Nordic Ecolabel compliant as well.
  • Eco-friendly chelating agents, hybrid polymers and CMC aninonic water soluble polymers.

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Green surfactants 

Enhancing the sustainability of surfactant and polymer products is a key demand of the cleaning market, which is why we have recently developed these innovative, high-performance surfactant solutions to address this need. 

The use of natural feedstocks does not hinder the performance of these materials when compared with synthetic equivalent, and our growing portfolio of naturally-derived products provides the formulator with a wide variety of functionalities that can be built into advanced cleaning product formulations. The products are all issued with the associated RSPO MB certification.

Berol® 360 Innovative narrow range ethoxylate primary surfactants for optimized cleaning and degreasing performance, optimized for I+I applications.
Berol® Surfboost AD15
Non-label, anaerobically biodegradable co-surfactant for use in formulating mild cleaning product formulations, particularly for household uses.
Berol® 366 Innovative narrow range ethoxylate primary surfactants for optimized cleaning and degreasing performance particularly suited to household applications.
Berol® 185 PO Newly-introduced performance additive to help solubilize perfumes and stabilize cleaning formulations.
Berol R648 PO Cutting-edge hydrotrope that works synergistically with alkyl ethoxylates to enhance cleaning performance and significantly reduce surfactant dose requirements in cleaning formulations.

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Hybrid polymers 

Addressing the low biodegradability of typical synthetic polymers, Nouryon developed hybrid polymer – combining both natural and synthetic components into one molecule whilst maintaining all the scale inhibition and dispersive properties that are expected of such low to medium molecular weight products. These products have much higher rated of biodegradation – readily or inherently biodegradable, and are majority (>50%) biobased.

Two products should be exemplified:

Alcoguard® H 5941 Readily biodegradable and 75% biobased, our most sustainable hybrid polymer product.
DissAlcoguard® H 5240 Inherently biodegradable and maintaining exemplary scale inhibitor performance, this products sustainability significantly outperforms synthetic polymers on sustainability.

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Green Chelates

Innovating and supplying high performing products with a low environmental impact is important to Nouryon. In our search for a product that delivers excellent chelating performance with readily biodegradable and non-health-hazard properties, we have introduced Dissolvine® GLDA and MGDA, both chelating agents that have proven track records in many industrial, institutional and household cleaners. 

Dissolvine® GL (GLDA) A strong and the most green chelate of our product range. A chelate with exceptional high solubility that can be used as an alternative for NTA, EDTA, phosphates and phosphonates, especially in high concentrated cleaning formulations.
Dissolvine® M (MGDA) A safe and readily biodegradable strong chelating agent, that can be used as alternative for NTA, EDTA, phosphates and phosphonates, especially in short contact time cleaning applications.

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More about green chelates in cleaning

CMC: Our anionic water-soluble polymers

A versatile purified and technical FINNFIX CMCs can be used as a thickener in cleaning products.


The anionic nature of FINNFIX CMC provides surface active benefits to laundry application in form of anti-redeposition. Anti-redeposition ensures that the dirt which has been removed from soiled clothes will not re-attach to the clean surface.

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New antimicrobial active for advanced disinfection

Introducing Triameen® Y12D antimicrobial active for advanced disinfection in the US cleaning marketNew antimicrobial active for advanced disinfection

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