We supply the textile and fabric industry with key components to use with both natural and synthetic fibers

Our portfolio includes:

Surfactants for viscose - Berol Visco and Berol Spin

Surfactants are necessary auxiliaries in the viscose process. Use our solutions to dramatically enhance the quality of your viscose process and products. Utilizing our surfactants will positively affect the end properties of viscose fiber and film.

Our main additives and their primary functions:

Reactivity additive
• Less wear and tear of filters and spinnerets
• Improves fiber quality
• Improves accessibility of NaOH and CS2 — which creates a more
• uniform reaction with less formation of gel particles

Process additive
• Keeps the system clean; fewer cleaning operations of spinnerets
• More uniform cross section of fibers, improved spinnability
• Less fiber breakages

• Improves the tenacity of the fiber
• Decreases deposits
• Retards the regeneration of cellulose

Spin bath additive
• Extended spinneret life
• Reduces cleaning operations
• Improves fiber quality

Expancel for technical textiles and nonwovens

Expancel Microspheres have a spherical shape and are fantastically low in density. This means you get a filler for technical textiles and nonwoven composites that's both lightweight and has great expansion capacity. Letting you add volume but not weight.

Even with relatively small dosages of Expancel Microspheres added, the need for binder or other heavier fillers is reduced. This allows you to save on costs of raw materials and at the same time – enhance the properties of the substrates.

With its low density, the microspheres equip your final technical textile and nonwoven composite product with superior insulation. They will also increase bulk and thickness as well as dimensional stability.

Expancel can be used in a wide variety of binder systems which are applied on the substrate, either by impregnation, coating, spraying or lamination.


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