International Petroleum Technical Conference

Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC | Bangkok, Thailand | 01-03 March, 2023 | Booth B28

Learn how we help you enhance additives and fluids for drilling and completion, production and stimulation activities with our essential chemistry solutions.

Find our oilfield chemistry experts at the International Petroleum Technical Conference in booth B28. 

Optimize your drilling, cementing, production, and stimulation processes and learn how to reduce environmental impact.

  • Develop oil- and water-based drilling mud additives
  • Maintain wellbore stability
  • Minimize formation damage
  • Clean drilling equipment
  • Separate and purify crude oil
  • Optimize demulsifier blends
  • Remove oil from high-salinity brines
  • Control sweet and sour oilfield corrosion
  • Dissolve/prevent scale buildup
  • Stimulate matrix formations without damage
  • Acidize fracturing additives without emulsification or sludging
  • Create NP-free, BTEX-free, and OSPAR compliant formulations



    • Bangkok
    • Thailand

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