Vienna, Austria

At this year's event, Nouryon's expert Elisa Conte (Marketing and Business Development Manager) will be giving a presentation, which focuses on the role of chemistry in bridging the quality gap between virgin and recycled polyolefins.

Our newest development Perkadox® PM can heal degraded Polypropylene from Post Consumer/Industrial Waste by rebuilding its molecular weight, fulfilling the market need of recycled PP with lower MFI than the average recycled streams.

Perkadox® PM completely reacts during its repairing action, so that its upcycling work does not come at the cost of recycled content. That's the power of reactive chemistry.

Elisa was interviewed by the event organizer about the recycling industry. Check out the details here

For more information about our speaker, visit this page, search (Ctrl+F) for "Nouryon".

Come join us at the event! More details about it, see the event page.

    • Vienna
    • Austria

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