Perkadox 33

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Organic peroxide

Perkadox 33 is a special low-concentration BPO formulation for curing mine bolts and chemical anchors.

  • Product name

    Perkadox 33
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  • Chemical family

    Organic peroxide
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  • Regional availability

    Asia, Europe
  • Chemical name

    Dibenzoyl peroxide, 33% powder with inert fillers
  • Applications

    For some special applications it is desirable to use a dry benzoyl peroxide powder as a catalyst. For these cases the benzoyl peroxide formulation Perkadox 33 was introduced, which is a mixture of benzoyl peroxide and filler. Perkadox 33 can be handled very easily and without risk. It contains no plasticizer and is lower concentrated than the usual benzoyl peroxide formulations, which makes dosing easier. One of the most important applications for Perkadox 33 is as a catalyst for putties based on unsaturated polyester resins. A putty containing an accelerated polyester resin and Perkadox 33 cures rapidly so that after a short time the surface can be sanded and polished. The putty is made of two components, viz.: a) A powder consisting of a mixture of filler with pigment and Perkadox 33 as a catalyst. b) A liquid component consisting of polyester resin and N,N-Dimethylaniline (10% formulation in aliphatic ester) or N,N-dimethylparatoluidine (10% formulation in aliphatic ester), or alternatively, a polyester resin with a built-in amine accelerator. When the putty has to be applied component a) and b) are mixed. The manufacturer of these putties should take care that the powder contains Perkadox 33 and the liquid component the Accelerator, in such amounts that after mixing the two components there is enough time to apply the putty.

Market Segments

Thermoset composites

Detailed description

Perkadox 33 is a special low-concentration BPO formulation (33% peroxide) for curing mine bolts and chemical anchors. The low concentration allows for transporting the product as non-ADR grade. The formulation ensures easy mixing and handling.


  • Curing agent


  • Chemical anchors & mine bolts
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