Hydrogen peroxide - Surprisingly versatile

The main uses of hydrogen peroxide outside pulp bleaching is water treatment but it is also an essential ingredient in applications like waste gas treatment, lithium-ion battery production and mining. Check out our infographic for an overview of applications.

Other commercial uses are:

  • MicrOx™ - A novel solution for pharmaceutical-free water
  • Aquaculture - Nemona® - an effective and sustainable fish-delousing treatment
  • Battery component recycling
  • Mining
  • Odor abatement
  • Toxicity reduction
  • BOD / COD reduction
  • Soil remediation
  • Bleaching of food supplements
    Nouryon has developed a method to bleach oat hulls with hydrogen peroxide. We contributed to a special project, called “Agrinnovate” - more information can be found in an article published in Biotechnology Reports (Vol. 30, June 2021, e00624).


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