Thioplast - excellence in sealants, adhesives and coatings

Your polymer of choice for gas-tight, weatherable, chemical resistive sealants & adhesives and low-temperature impact resistant coatings.

We are the largest producer of liquid polysulfide polymers worldwide. Thioplast-based products are characterized by pronounced chemical resistance, weatherability, gas-tightness and flexibility even at very low temperatures.

Formulators enjoy the freedom to use thiol-terminated Thioplast G or epoxy-terminated Thioplast EPS polysulfides with a large range of curatives from oxidants to epoxides.

Top manufacturers of high-performance products in the building and construction, aerospace and oil and gas industry rely on Thioplast polysulfides.

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Thioplast G ensuring the durability of bridges

Thioplast G liquid polysulfide polymers are used to seal bridge components to resist corrosion. We work with partners to protect some of the most technologically complex bridges in the world.

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