We dedicate one day each year to focus on safety together in order to share ideas, experiences, and best practices

In the run-up to our Safety Day, our health, safety, environment, and security (HSE&S) team works with other areas of our business to evaluate key safety trends and improvement opportunities, and the results are translated into an annual safety awareness and engagement campaign, which is launched on Safety Day and continues throughout the year. In 2022, Safety Day was observed on September 21 in our locations around the world with the theme — Know Risks. No Regrets. — about risk awareness and hazard recognition.

As part of last year’s Safety Day, Nouryon employees and contractors worldwide shared their safety stories online about effective actions that prevent incidents. Employees also participated in various offline event activities, including training workshops, interactive mobile games and quizzes, hazard hunts, safety award ceremonies, emergency response planning drills, and more. Together, these were a reminder that when we are connected and support one another, we can collectively stay more focused on the job, improve our safety performance, and create a stronger, more-sustainable safety culture and safer workplace, while driving success and growth.

Cases - Improving safety and environment

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