Continuous development of new high-performance building and construction products

Meeting the needs of today’s rapidly changing building and construction industry requires the continuous development of new high-performance products. We provide additives for cement, concrete, drymix mortar, gypsum, flexible sealants and adhesives as well as solutions for demanding geological environments.

  • Cement and concrete additives: Dissolvine® chelates, and surfactants acting as retarding agents, hardening accelerators and foaming agents, providing increased durability and strength.
  • Drymix mortar and gypsum additives: Bermocoll® cellulose ethers improve the quality and consistency of building drymix materials. Our Dissolvine® chelates, work as an efficient retarding agent for gypsum applications.
  • Geo-technical: Levasil® colloidal silica is excellent for use underground, thanks to its high ground consolidation and water sealing capabilities.
  • Sealants and adhesives: Our surfactants, ethylene aminescellulose ethersExpancel® microspheres and Thioplast polysulfides polymers are effective ingredients and improve adhesion and strength in sealants and adhesives.

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