Case: Partnering on Smarter Futures in Africa

Smarter Futures was a partnership that provided technical support and training for flour millers, government food control staff, and other stakeholders in Africa with regard to cost effective and economically viable fortification of flour with vitamins and minerals. This improved dietary nutritional value, which in turn improved people’s health and well-being – particularly for women of childbearing age, adolescents (especially girls), and young children.

Adding nutrients, especially iron and folic acid, can help improve strength and health by preventing problems caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies, such as neural tube birth defects, impaired learning capacity, and decreased productivity. Flour fortification addresses such deficiencies because it delivers essential nutrients through staple foods and does not require consumers to change their eating or buying habits.

As a world leader in the production of food grade sodium iron EDTA, the iron compound recommended as the most-bioavailable option for whole wheat flours and produced under our trademark Ferrazone, Nouryon was a founding partner of Smarter Futures. We have proudly supported Smarter Futures through cash and in-kind contributions, which include a new rapid test for iron EDTA in flour.

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