São Paulo’s Paulínia plant: 30 record years without injury

August 2021 marked an impressive anniversary for 30 years without work-related incidents at our site in Paulínia, São Paulo, Brazil. The achievement, which broke national records in Brazil, reflects Nouryon’s commitment to safety in the workplace.

Paulínia opened in 1986 and produces metal alkyls, which are essential for producing plastic, including polypropylene and polyethylene. Safety is a top priority for Nouryon and its employees around the world, and the achievement at the Paulínia site was widely celebrated by employees and company leaders.

“I am so proud of our entire staff for this important achievement”, said Ezequiel Moraes, Operations Manager at Nouryon in Itupeva and Paulínia. “Everyone follows our safety procedures to ensure we deliver our products to our customers with safety requested, keeping our people safe, so we can come back home to our families every night. We all consider ourselves safety leaders at the Paulínia site.”

Paulínia employees follow the same standard safety processes that apply in all 80 countries where we operate. Our Behavior-Based Safety program encourages employees to observe their colleagues’ behavior with a constructive approach, in order to avoid injuries or risks in the workplace. We also observe the Golden Principle that allows an observer to stop work if conditions or behavior are unsafe. Finally, Visible Leadership encourages leaders to be
in the field daily and in contact with operations to develop a sustainable culture of safety, in which all employees respect, understand and recognize present dangers, and react consistently to prevent accidents.

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