A fundamental element of our ‘Commitment and contribution to a Sustainable Future'

Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is practical in nature and based on the substantive practices of volunteerism, and corporate giving. We strive to ENGAGE with our people, communities and society to drive progress together. In support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it is essential for Nouryon to be a good corporate citizen and global business partner by supporting the communities where our employees live and work and identify where we can make the most impact. As a global organization, it is important for us to work with diverse populations and develop partnerships with companies that share our philosophy of inclusion, collaboration, sustainability and giving back to the communities in which we operate. 

Making a positive difference around the world

Our approach to CSR is practical in nature and based on the substantive practices of volunteerism, engagement and corporate giving. Key CSR focus areas are:

  • STEM Education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)
  • Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship
  • Safety & Health
  • Accelerating a high-performance and innovation culture

Partnering for a Sustainable Future

We look for partners that are aligned with our Code of Ethics, while also valuing the importance of the events and activities we host in which our employees and the community can participate.

Kids in Need Foundation (KINF)

Our newly established partnership with Kids in Need Foundation (KINF) in the United States is one of the Partnerships for a Sustainable Future . As many schools across America plan for the upcoming academic year, Nouryon employees and KINF have partnered to host “backpack builds” in which school supplies are packaged in bookbags and distributed to schools near our office locations. In addition to aligning with our key focus area of STEM Education, the partnership with KINF promotes a high-performance culture by helping to supply the necessary tools to students to succeed in school.

Volunteer Fire Corps Office

In Japan, we partner annually with our local Volunteer Fire Corps Office (part of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency – FDMA) to support their ongoing community protection and safety programming. In addition to supporting the efforts of first responders that keep local residents safe, our support of this agency aligns with our key focus area of Safety & Health. We believe that a healthy and safe community is necessary for a sustainable future.

Contributing to critical life-saving products

Throughout the global Covid-19 pandemic, we help to deliver essential solutions that contributed to critical life-saving products including face coverings, personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning and disinfecting products, sanitizers, and paper and fabric supplies. Our essential solutions are in these products and our employees were able to make donations around the world to those most in need of health and safety equipment. We will continue to be actively involved and engaged in our communities, doing our part to embody a healthy and safe world for everyone.

We have also identified key learning institutions and universities around the  world where we collaborate and connect for internships, talent acquisition,  research, and learning and development opportunities. Through mentorships, STEM programming and community engagement, our global university relations programming offers both a literal and figurative stage for our speaker’s series.

Community & Employee Engagement

Our global CSR framework and outreach will continue to connect our business goals and company values to the development of and engagement with our most important asset – our people. As we continue to grow our CSR efforts throughout our operating territory, our commitment to the community will include mentoring, working with local non-profits and providing assistance and expertise where needed.

As a company, we are inspired by the many ways in which our employees engage with the communities in our operating territory and we are proud to help contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Collaboration with American Corporate Partners to support the Military Hiring Initiative and mentor Veterans in search of their next career.

As a leader in specialty chemicals, we take pride in creating a high-performance, diverse, and inclusive workplace. One of the many ways the company achieves this is through working with organizations such as American Corporate Partners.

The partnership builds a pipeline of mentorships with veterans looking for career opportunities once they leave the service.

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