Reduce cost while enhancing product performance in body filler and putty

With Expancel® microspheres, manufacturers can rely on a cost-saving, weight-reducing, and high-performing ingredient that adds enormous value to automotive production processes.

By adding Expancel® microspheres manufacturers can achieve the same level of filling as with larger amounts of conventional fillers. This reduction in filler content results in significant cost savings, as they require less material to produce the same volume of putty or body filler.

With only 1% of Expancel® microspheres added, density can be reduced by as much as 46%, this allows for a significant volume increase without adding weight to body filler and putty formulations.

Illustration showing volume comparison of 7 grams for different types of fillers including Expancel® lightweight filler, glass microspheres and calcium carbonate.

Effortless application and improved standability with Expancel® Microspheres

With Expancel® microspheres a butter-like consistency can be achieved making the putty incredibly easy to apply. Whether used by a professional or a DIY enthusiast, they will appreciate the smooth and effortless application process.

The small, uniform spheres bring a host of advantages to body fillers, ensuring exceptional surface appearances, and minimizing pinholes. Moreover, they greatly improve sanding properties, effectively reducing the time required for sanding the body filler. By replacing glass bubbles with Expancel® microspheres, the wear on sanding tools is significantly minimized.

The closed-cell structure of the microspheres offers an added advantage—enhanced resistance to water penetration. Surfaces coated with a body filler containing Expancel® microspheres are better protected against water damage. Additionally, it will help reduce cracking and shrinkage in the dried body filler, and with a low impact on the curing parameters, it will ensure optimal curing while maintaining the desired properties of the filler.

Hands holding a putty knife loaded with creamy, turquoise putty

Lightweight underbody coatings and sealants with Expancel® Microspheres

Our Expancel® microspheres are used as a blowing agent in plastisols, for underbody coatings and sealants. They possess low density plus high elasticity and a uniform cell structure. These characters enable you to reduce weight and improve the stone chip resistance of the underbody coating. By being able to produce automotive parts that are lighter in weight, our microspheres assist in better fuel efficiency overall.

The volume contribution of the microspheres is key in getting the best out of an expandable sealant. This can be used to fill cavities, and for sound and vibration dampening. The microspheres are also able to pass the spray nozzle unbroken while maintaining their volume.

With Expancel® microspheres, you will develop underbody coatings and sealants with a lower density, better protection, and improved insulation at low additions, even in waterborne systems. All of which are invaluable benefits in a very competitive industry.

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