Cases related to sustainable innovation

ArmoSoft® DEVQ: New vegetable based active for fabric softeners

Learn more about how we enable our customers to meet their sustainability goals


Sustainable Agriculture: Helping the world’s farmers cultivate a better tomorrow

How can higher quantities of food be produced for a growing population? How can depleted soil be rejuvenated for reuse?


A closer look....sustainable pulp production

We are the largest global supplier of sodium chlorate and the leading supplier of chlorine dioxide generators and Integrated Manufacturing Models to the global pulp industry. We are also committed to continually delivering pioneering solutions to the global pulp and paper industry. Learn more about our pioneering solution for the pulp and paper industry:

  • Sustainable manufacturing processes, reducing environmental footprint
  • Proximity to customer point-of-use reduces transportation, increasing eco-efficiency and safety
  • Energy derives from the pulp mill (biomass)

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Anti-viral and environmentally friendly paint

Anti-microbial agents in paints and other materials can play a key role in helping to keep surfaces clean and safe, for example in hospitals. The challenge is to ensure that these antimicrobial agents are not harmful to the environment.

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A closer saving cool-roof coatings

We combined our Expancel (expandable microspheres) and Levasil (colloidal silica) technologies to create a concept for cool roof coatings. This combination makes it possible for customers to produce coatings that resist dirt and are highly reflective.

The higher reflectivity reduces absorption of heat into buildings, which means less need for cooling, increased energy efficiency, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. These coatings can reduce roof temperatures by up to 15 degrees Celsius and cooling energy used by over 40%.

More about cool roof coatings

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