Discover our portfolio of initiators for the manufacturing of coating resins and our specialty additives to enhance your paint, coating or ink formulations.

Using a combination of chemical expertise, process technology, and application know-how, we solve problems for a multitude of manufacturers and formulators of decorative paint, silicate paints, industrial coatings as well as elastomeric cool roof coatings. We have the global experience, expertise, and products to help you get the job done efficiently, cost effectively, and safely. Our main product brands include Bermocoll® cellulose ethers, Expancel® expandable microspheres, Levasil® colloidal silica and Berol® surfactants.

In addition, we are the leading supplier of initiators, including organic peroxides for the manufacturing of acrylics coating resins, which are the basis for acrylics paint formulations. Our main product brands are Trigonox®, and Perkadox® initiators. Contact for more information regarding polymerization initiators and specialty additives for your paint, coating or ink formulations here. 

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Man painting a window frame in white. The so-called open time of a paint is what allows you to go back and make final touches without getting unwanted stroke marks, Levasil colloidal silica can be added to a paint formulation to improve open time.
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Bermocoll®, Berol®, Expancel®, Levasil® , Finnfix®, Trigonox®, and Perkadox® are registered trademarks of Nouryon in several countries worldwide.

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